Sunday, 4 May 2014

Dedication - Sally Blake

Dedicated to the Sorcerers who spun the spells and wove the dreams.

To those unsung composers whose work has drifted across continents and spanned centuries, lifting hearts, spinning dreams and enveloping lovers.

Great artists whose work has never hung in any gallery. Great composers whose symphonies have never been played in any concert hall.

Magicians whose greatest creations have all to often floated away and evaporated into the smoke from which they came, and after which they are named: per-fume.

Ernest Beaux, François Coty, Jacques Guerlain, Ernest Daltroff, Edmund Roudnitska, Yuri Gutsatz, Vincent and Guy Robert, Germaine Cellier, André and Jaqueline Fraysse, Almeras, Armingeat, Bienaimé, Blanchet, Jean Carles, Jean Merléo, Jean Désprèz, etc, etc...

And to the master “potters” who provided the pots for the potions. René Lalique, Amand Rateau, Raymond Guerlain, Serge Mansau, and Pierre Dinand, who, accepting the challenge of a most exacting discipline, transformed the small square bottles from the chemist’s shelf into flacons for the Gods, and set them to daze and dazzle in an eternal Aladdin’s Cave.

Sally Blake
Date unknown

my great grandmother's dancing lady atop our piano at Hanover Gate, with some of my mother's best pieces from the collection.